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625. Humanoid Experiment

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Autor: Merkusa Scheuermann, Melisa

Lanzamiento: 11/2018

Género: Narrativa

ISBN: 978-987-08-1388-0

“State of Ghemmas, Post-Apocalyptic city. A group of Angels are in charge of performing Genetic Experiments with the aim of finding the right specimen for the Awakening of Queen Draco.
Carnhivas, Pre-Apocalyptic city. There’s a young woman who has been tormented, since her childhood, with abductions, lab tests, oneiric paralysis, and night visits from grays and other hostiles. Who is she? What information does she hide in her DNA that will eventually turn her into the most coveted Diamond in the whole Universe?
A Love Triangle... a Forbidden and Eternal Love... and the violation of all Universal Laws.
The eclosion of a New World Order that will house, after the catastrophe, the New Civilizations in its womb.
624 failed experiments, 624 errors that will bring about negative consequences for Humanity, 625 assassins freed into the world... all of them, with the Blood of the Dragon.
And only one Experiment that will overcome the tests, capable of rewriting History and becoming the perfect recipient for the Queen of Dragons... as she awakes...”

“I cannot change Destiny,
what I can do is rewrite my History...
and theirs and thus, Save myself, and thus, Save Ourselves.
Because there’s no Blood running through my veins,
through my veins, there are simply

Melisa Merkusa Scheuermann



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